Life is a Highway

money mgmtNavigating your financial future can sometimes seem like planning a road trip. But how do you know the best way to get from point A to B? That’s where a financial planner comes in.
Choosing Your Destination

You need a wide range of financial solutions to keep you on track.


Investment Accumulation
Tax Reduction
Insurance Protection
Retirement Planning
Estate Planning

Planning for Down the Road

“As long as we don’t return to the days of high inflation…..”

“One of my best friends recently found out they have cancer…..”

“We are looking forward to spending our winters in Arizona when we retire…..”

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Determining the Best Route

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Financial Solutions

A financial planner needs to help you simplify and clarify your financial road map using money management and financial solutions that are tailored to your individual needs. Financial services, systems and strategy based processes provide individuals with the confidence they crave and the peace of mind they seek.

Investment Accumulation Services

These days, wealth accumulation and asset growth can be complicated. Naturally, we all want high investment returns with low financial risk but interest rates are near a thirty year low and getting a reasonable rate of growth probably means you have to add some investments that fluctuate with the markets. Sitting in “safe” GICs or bonds when all the central banks are printing money carries its own set of risks.

Understanding the benefits and risks of a portfolio is critical. Portfolios with higher long term returns usually have higher short term volatility. We help you to understand what rate of return you need to achieve your long term goals – and we help you to determine which one has the volatility with which you are comfortable.

In the accumulation years, your portfolios are probably more geared towards building wealth, long term investment and planning for retirement. As you near retirement, your concerns shift to income and security. While these clients still want better-than-GIC returns, our income-oriented portfolios produce the return on investment and cash flow they need, while reducing their risk exposure and minimizing their tax bill.

Tax Reduction

There are two ways for you to grow your net worth. Increase the income, or investment return, that you receive and minimize the tax that you pay. There are a number of ways to achieve this, but the tax rules change from time to time and are not clear to everyone. One important goal is for you to make smart decisions to help you reduce tax through tax deductions, tax saving investments, and smart tax decisions.

CRA (Revenue Canada) allows you to minimize tax on your income, but their rules can be complicated, mystifying and open to interpretation. You need help to use the tax rules to your best advantage and to organize your accounts so you pay the least amount of tax while you are building your assets – and pay the least amount of tax when you start drawing an income from them.

Insurance Protection

There can be several different reasons for adding insurance to your plan, depending on your age and stage of life. Life insurance, disability insurance, long term care insurance and critical illness insurance can provide much needed protection for your family in case an unforeseen event threatens their financial future.

Life insurance is used extensively in estate planning, because it is one of the most tax effective ways to pass your hard earned assets to your children. If structured properly, you may be able to pass 100% of your assets to your children rather than losing a large portion to taxes.

Advisors should help clients identify their primary concerns and design creative insurance solutions to protect their families in the process.

Retirement Planning

Individuals want to work with a trusted advisor to realize their life vision. Hundreds of families want help to plan and prioritize during their working lifetimes so they can enjoy the retirement of their dreams.

An advisor needs to clarify a clients’ objectives, reduce their debt, and grow their net worth during their working lives so they can fully fund retirement and enjoy financial freedom. Then they help them plan and coordinate their retirement income, working to reduce their tax bill along the way. For exposure to Digital currency in your retirement account go to this homepage.

Estate Planning

Most people want to use the wealth they have accumulated for their own enjoyment while they are living, but also want to have a plan in place so that it passes to their children/beneficiaries with the least amount of taxes and hassle when they die. Achieving this isn’t difficult, but it does take a fair bit of planning.

If it is structured correctly, an estate plan will reduce taxes and ensure your assets are passed along with no problems. If structured incorrectly, your loved ones may be forced to deal with a range of questions, legal issues and unnecessary taxes.

There a number of creative solutions to help clients with their estate planning needs, and to minimize the hassles of dealing with an estate trust and the subsequent estate tax bill.

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